Hello and Goodbye

So this is another entry for Midnight. The prompt I used to inspire this is from the 100 themes challenge, #1: Introduction.

Just to be clear: There is no continuity in Midnight. This is simply going to be a collection of short stories and any type of flash fiction that fits the universe. (I may write a short primer on this project later, probably when I have like 10 pieces posted.)

The place was lit up, with the flashy lights, but it was still dark.

She thought it was deliberate that way, so those who would come in would preserve their anonymity. After all, wasn’t this the reason why Midnight was created?

You can be yourself. Or you can be an entirely different person. Or you could pretend to be another person.

Well, she can do that. She’ll be a worldly seductress with ice in her veins tonight. And then she’ll show up her ex-boyfriend and that traitor.


One minute, he was with his friends laughing and toasting each other, the next minute he was suddenly alone at their booth.

No. 2 was going to score with some “babes” he had been ogling since they arrived. No. 3 was drifting off somewhere, expecting a certain someone. (Good luck with that.) He couldn’t see No. 4 and his best friend, but he thought they were as uncomfortable as fish out of water. Maybe they were hiding in the bathrooms and being nerds. (They apparently have the same fondness for fantasy.)

And maybe, just maybe, she would be here. Probably with her latest conquest.

He grimaced at the thought and gulped the bottle of beer. And then he grimaced again.



Oh. That guy looked cute. And very familiar.

But in her alcoholic-induced state, she couldn’t remember exactly as to who he was.

But he was really, really hot. And those eyes were so dark, she thought it suited him.

And she can’t help but blush as he stared at her.


He liked brunettes. But this girl had hair as dark as night, like Snow White, and lips as red as blood. And that flush on her face looked nice to her. He wondered if it was alcohol, or make up, or one of Mother Nature’s gifts to women.

He checked her out briefly. Hm, not bad.



“Um, hi.”

“Want to dance?”


She couldn’t remember much about anything she did, what with her head pounding and her equally drunk friend snoring lightly beside her.

But she did remember that kiss. She giggled at the thought.

She made out with a guy she didn’t know! And she kissed and got kissed! With tongue!


His room smelled of booze and vomit. And he was stuck under a pile of arms and legs, and he swore No. 2 kicked him in the head as he moved. He swore to never let his stupid friends get the better of him.

Then he licked his lips. Hm. She had cherry flavored lip gloss.

He wondered who she was.




“I want to kiss you.”



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