On (the) line (Part 1)

This is Prompt #22: Online from the 100 Themes Challenge. Still in the Midnight universe. The characters chat.

<iamno1> What the hell is this?

<iamno2> Hey, glad you’re online. You like it? I rigged it up when Rip Van Winkle was busy catching those nerds playing Warlords and he didn’t see me, of course.

<iamno3> What he said. What the hell is this?

<iamno2> You don’t like it? I thought we could dish out stuff while in class. Don’t worry, this is a private group.

<iamno3> I don’t even go to the same school as you idiots.

<iamno1> Hey!

<iamno4> I don’t even understand this.

<0zero0> Zero, huh.

<iamno1> I don’t have time for this.

<iamno2> Hey, do you want me to find out the hot chick you hooked up with last week? She could be in my school.

<iamno3> Wow. Fancy that.

<iamno2> Easy peasy. This could be Command Central! And No. 3, you’re too uptight. Is the reason why you have a stick in your ass is because you can’t get any? You should’ve transferred here.

<iamno3> And catch the same idiocy as you all did?



<artemis> So have you found out that guy? I saw you and him in a passionate lip-lock.

<hebe> I’m sooo glad we’re friends again, so I can break your nose.

<artemis> Ha. CAN YOU?

<mnemosyne> Hey, I could ask around. The Barbie Dolls are having a huge party, some kind of back-to-school thing, and despite my Geek Squad status, I’m invited. Maybe Mr. Mysterious will be there.

<hebe> Money is the root of all evil.

<artemis> Money makes the world go around.

<hestia> Money makes the impossible possible.

<mnemosyne> Thanks to Dad’s Breakfast Buds.


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